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About Us

Welcome to Museum68      


Bernadette Cooper, producer, and creator of the all-girl-band, "Klymaxx" is finally re-opening her east coast clothing store, online; where an explosion of unique fashion, soon revealed.


As an artist, I understand the world of entertainment and the lack of exciting clothes. With artful enthusiasm, I bring you daring wearable art.


Museum68 is a small boutique offering a limited collection per exhibit; catering to stylists, and also, providing Bazaars with a full line of distinctive tops and, frocks for their clients.


We display great finds, featuring up- and- coming designers; mainly focusing on custom and revamped, funky tunics & frocks.


Here you can go up the elevator and down the runway, experiencing, impressive, 'one of a kind,' attire.


Enjoy my current showing,"The Rockstar Review." My next collection "Tatuu" will premiere in June 2018.


Hence, a groovy place to shop.


Thank you,

Bernadette Cooper

Producer, artist, composer, novelist, and  fashionista

The R.S  Rockstar Review

Introducing the featured designer, and artistry of Raina Shaw.   Her studs and stones work is carefully crafted and beautifully created by hand.



Upcoming Collections



  The Elegance Of Second Chances



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